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Thee Dolls Diary

Come Have a look at our Newsletter and experience our adventures first hand. Where we go you go; just hit our subscribe button and view all the fun we have, whether its is our home town Myrtle Beach or in other states. Stay up to date.

Come play with us..


Thee Dolls & Golf Balls

Put Put is all over Myrtle Beach, join thee Dolls and see thee victor.

From Thee Dolls to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving

Our Dolls are professional cooks and their ready for Turkey Day!!


Amateur Nights

Compete for a chance to win $1000 every Wednesday night. Bring all of your friends to help you win our first prize.

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Active Party

Join one of the hottest Retro, Throwback, Old-school music PARTIES in Myrtle Beach. Come get “Active” with us.

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Techno Flav

Join Thee DollHouse for a night of drinking and dancing, backed by an unrivaled light show and the best EDM.

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Vegas Nights

Join thee Dolls in LAS VEGAS; painting the city red.

Dolls Wear Thee Crown

Our girls are Queens and we’re talking about they have the crown to prove it.


Dolls & Driving

A car is a work of art and so are our Dolls.
Get behind the wheel with us as we takeover the racecourse.

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All Dressed Up

Birthdays snd outings are our things we show up and show out!!
Exotics, Elegance & Etiquette.

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Play Time

We are the stars of this show, join one of our photo sessions. we have so much fun behind the scenes.

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Do you have what it takes?

We have a specific type that we like to consider our dolls and we’re hiring.
Are you a DollHouse Doll?


With Halloween right around the corner we have a lot of planning and a lot of photoshoots .


Boats & Babes

Hight Speed Chase and High Speed Boats, come catch the girls sunbathing in water sports.

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Jeep Jam

Check out the fifth annual Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam with our dolls! The three-day festival celebrates all things Jeep.

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Halloween Party

It’s that time of the year again, our annual Halloween Party!! Come win some cash for best dressed in costume.

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Entertainer Foxy

Wins Doll of the month

NFL Packages

We are always have the games on, come watch them on our big screens

Themed Stage Sets Every Hour


We wear gowns most of the time, but we have fun costumes throughout the night. its called 2- For -1

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Our Bike Weeks

Hosting all Bike Weeks

We are bike friendly, come enjoy our Bike Week events at Thee DollHouse. Your gonna love our girls on your bike.

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Bottles & Sections

Vip Experience

We have the finest bottle selection, for a reasonable price. It comes with a section, your very own waitress and host.

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Thee DollHouse Dolls served their community as ring girls this weekend.

Happy Hour

Before 8pm we have all the happy our specials, drink & food.