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Do You Have What It Takes?

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Thee Dolls have been showcased in Playboy and Maxim Magazine. They are world class beauties. We have a small requirement that wee ask if applying, this is not to hurt anyones feeling at all but to save the time and effort of everyone involved.

  1. LITTLE TO NO TATTOS – if you have to ask if you have to many and is it to big, it probably is.
  2. Weight– whereas we cant be specific with a certain weight because some girls were weight better than others do to muscle or height. You know in your heart of hearts if the weight looks good on you or not.
  3. Well Kept– do not come in here asking for a job when your hair, makeup and nails are not properly done. With that also being said please also do no come in smelling like anything other than greatness.

We do your audition in person not over the phone nor based on a social media photo. Please come in if you would like to be considered a DollHouse Doll.

That should sum up the list, please call us if you are confused on any of the requirements .

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